• Straight Cut - 1941 - LA

  • £300.00 GBP

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    13oz Sanforized (Not Shrink to Fit) Cone Mills, USA selvedge denim

    Italian made buttons, rivets and leather patch

    100% terry knit DuPont Kevlar

    Cut & Sewn in the home of premium denim, downtown Los Angeles

    Forcefield CE Approved knee & hip armour available £30



    Like other premium denim brands, Maple uses "true to size" sizing.   The waist measurement is the same as the labelled size.  For example.  Size 32 measures 32 inches, size 34 measures 34 inches etc..  This is different to brands like Levis who's size 32s actually measure 34+ inches, size 34s actually measure 36+ inches etc...

    To get the very best fitting Maple Jeans, wrap a tape measure around your waist exactly where you like to wear your jeans.  Take the measurement in inches, and order that size.  If you're in between sizes, order a size down. 

    All inseams are 36 inches.  Easily hemmed or worn with a turn up.

  • Straight Cut - 1941 - LA
  • Maple Motorcycle Jeans - Made in Los Angeles
  • Straight Cut - 1941 - LA
  • Straight Cut - 1941 - LA
  • Straight Cut - 1941 - LA

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